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Han taught her girl-in-law, “Don’t you force your once again

Han taught her girl-in-law, “Don’t you force your once again

Yan Zhu gone back to new An enthusiastic Guo Gong Mansion, as well as the rain that were making for hours on end showed up raining off. Whenever Han watched the lady, she chuckled, “I found myself afraid you’ll get damp, this will be best to get back very early than to return coincidentally.”

Yanzhu chose your up, Zhuo’er held his mother’s face, kissing remaining and proper, bending his human body to-break away, “Mother, enjoy

“Mother.” Zhuo’er is actually on the chair, having fun with this new prevents along with his two weight foot spread out, regardless of if he had been brief, the guy nevertheless realized how to become sincere.

First of all occurred try one to Yan Huzu’s eyes turned and he reached aside and pushed on the stops that child got collected. Han was stunned one to this lady girl-in-legislation was also a naughty that and you can chuckled, “For people who tease him in that way, he will cry.”

Zhuo’er didn’t cry, elevated their direct, tested their mother having big black grape-such sight, did not understand this their mother did thus?

Han puffed a grin, “He or she is considered to have coaxed you ah, which means you do not interrupt your to experience.”

Fu Zhixing became popular his straw raincoat and you will offered it so you can new servant girl when planning on taking it out to help you dry; Yan Huzu grabbed out brush loincloths about closet, “Go just take a bath

Yan Zhuo lay Zhuo’er back once again to sit, Zhuo’er once again continue to make reduces to play, brief mouth pursed strict, a significant nothing lookup. ”

“Oh,” Yan Huynh beamed and responded, there are certain things that you can do, yet not two, and you may she does not want to make the girl child cry.

Later in the day, Fu Zhixing returned, see your using straw raincoat, Yan Huynh chuckled: “fortunate not to have individuals deliver precipitation knowledge, in which did which straw coat are from?”

Yan Jiu reached out to assist your figure it out, Fu Zhixing didn’t provide their, “This really is discolored with precipitation, most hefty.”

After showering, Fu Zhixing first went along to along side it room to see so it son, ahead of going into the rooms. To begin with you need to do is to head to bed, reach and take their into the hands, kiss the girl forehead, “Get to sleep.”

Yan Jiu is not perception better, the young pair don’t Dunlun, and beyond your invitees room of your own Kang Household a thinner figure pressed discover the hidden home of your own guest space and you can went from inside the.

“Qian’er, I have been waiting for you such a long time one to I’m passing away regarding impatience.” A male sound rang out from inside.

“Easily come over to see you love it, when the my dad learns, he will eliminate me.” The feminine sound transmitted a tip off concern.

“Avoid being scared, this is exactly a great stopgap size, Qian’er, trust me, I am able to reduce you better later on.” A man sound said.

The problem away from Kang Qian’er and King Lu has not visited the exterior, some one external haven’t any solution to discover, and Kang Tai Fu is additionally unclear, even if Mrs. Kang sometimes discover their daughter dazed and giggling, but there is a grandson sidetracked, along with didn’t think far, and when she discover Kang Qian’er a couple months did not changes the tidy, the fresh new energy moved.

Towards seventh-day of fourth week, new East Castle instantly sent a good carriage out of gifts towards the An enthusiastic Guo Gong Residence, “This might be a gift regarding thanks regarding Top Little princess to this new girlfriend of kid.”

Before she you can expect to ask, two days afterwards, the Eastern Castle appeared toward happier reports that Crown Princess is pregnant again. The new empress heart stone fell 1 / 2 of, silently prayed: “I am hoping the newest top prince consort now a masculine.”

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